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Monday Books: Game


From field to table. Bringing home your own bacon can lead to delicious meals.


The topic itself usually stirs a fair amount of controversy. Forget about the meat vs. meatless arguments. This sometimes cuts far deeper. I for one love game meat. Be it, elk, venison, boar or the super lean caribou pictured above, game can make for a nutritious and delicious meal.

The problem with these types of cuts is that most people don’t know how to prepare them properly. I used to be one of those people. But, lucky for me, one of my friends is an avid (and successful) hunter. His skill with bow and rifle has enabled me to sample some amazing culinary treats that I normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity too.

With that in mind, I have picked out this weeks Monday Books as a lesson in game. If you can get your hands on the main ingredient, these great cookbooks will show you the way.

Game Meat

Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time Wild Game Cookbook: Recipes from North America's Top Hunting Resorts and Lodges The L.L. Bean Game and Fish Cookbook The Complete Venison Cookbook Venison Lovers' Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Dressing and Cooking Venison

Birds and Other Game

Dressing & Cooking Wild Game: From Field to Table: Big Game, Small Game, Upland Birds & Waterfowl Game Bird Classic Recipes: The Complete Guide to Dressing and Cooking Gambebirds, Including Upland Birds and Waterfowl Preparing Fish & Wild Game: The Complete Photo Guide to Cleaning and Cooking Your Wild Harvest The Everything Wild Game Cookbook: From Fowl And Fish to Rabbit And Venison--300 Recipes for Home-cooked Meals (Everything (Cooking))


Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat: How to Buy, Cut, and Cook Great Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, and More The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing, and Sausage Making: How to Harvest Your Livestock & Wild Game Whole Beast Butchery: The Complete Visual Guide to Beef, Lamb, and Pork


So, now you’ve got the best recipes in town for your game feast. Wait, what’s that? The only thing missing is the main course itself? Yes, I know elk, caribou and venison aren’t just romping down every street in town. And, some of you may not know anyone who is willing to part with some of their precious stockpile. Well, I’m here to help you out. Below is a list of some great online resources for wild game. Just point and shoot, I mean click.

Prairie Harvest Specialty Foods
Broken Arrow Ranch
Exotic Meats USA
Fossil Farms

That’s all you need. Bon Apetit!