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Heat Up The Kitchen This Valentine’s Day


Image by: sloanpixThe countdown to Valentine’s Day 2012 is almost over. If you haven’t made a dinner reservation by now, your choices are probably narrowed to White Castle, Arby’s or Subway. But, hey, if you’re a romantic you can make one of those work.

If you’re looking to spend a quiet evening at home but are drawing a blank on what should be on the menu, we might be able to help out.

Here’s a selection of cookbooks with recipes that will make your Valentine’s Day a special one. There’s something here for all levels of expertise. I included mostly digital selections in case you don’t have time to run to a bookstore. Just click, download, cook and enjoy!

FEED YOUR LOVE: Romantic Recipes - 2012 Valentine's Day Special Sneak Preview Edition cial Dinners for Two (Easy Recipes from Scratch) Romantic Valentine's Day Soup and Sandwich Recipes Table for Two: French Recipes for Romantic Dining ing Love In The Kitchen - 25 Valentine Day Delightful Recipes To Keep Your Stove Lit! Valentine's Day Cocktails: Special Drinks for Romantic Dinners Cooking for Two: Add Candles for a Romantic Meal Espresso Coffee - The Romantic Coffee Romantic Meals: Romantic Cooking & Valentine's Day Food

Hope one of those will help make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.