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Small Box, A Big Deal In The Kitchen


Think for a minute about this kitchen scenario.

You pull a printed, old school, ink on paper cookbook from your collection. You turn to what looks like a super delicious recipe for authentic New Orleans gumbo. The recipe seems straightforward enough, but, after reading through it you still have some serious technique questions.

You notice at the bottom right corner of the page a black and white patterned square. You take out your smartphone, point and click. Bingo, your phone plays a video of the chef/author making the gumbo step by step. All of your questions (and prayers) have been answered. Some futuristic kitchen dream? Hardly. That technology exists today and some savvy cookbook authors are already using it.

QR CodeWe’re talking about QR codes. For those of you unfamiliar with the little black and white boxes that resembles a mish mash of blots and dots here’s the scoop. This code can be translated by an app on your smartphone. The code tells the phone to load up a web page or a video that is associated with that particular code design. Big deal. Well, it is.

This technology allows traditional cookbook publishers to take advantage of some great digital resources while still being true to the printed form that authors love so much. Now there is no need to be a digital “sell out” to bring your readers some fantastic benefits that are not usually available in a bound book.

With the world of cookbook publishing morphing at a dizzying pace, the QR code is just another example of how the digital world is changing the manner in which cookbook content is consumed. If you’re thinking about publishing a cookbook you had better do your homework if you want to stand out from a crowded field.

There are lots of great reviews in this weeks links. As usual, we have a full helping of cookbook news from around the web. Enjoy!

If you want to check out how QR codes work, just use a QR reader application on your smartphone to read the code on this page. The destination could help you with those last minute holiday gifts.

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