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Cookbook Daily: Smoke and Spice

Cookbook Daily

Smoke & Spice

I love smoked food! And, this book tells you how to make the real deal. REAL AUTHENTIC BBQ just like some of the best pit masters around the country.

Now, I’m not suggesting that if you buy this book you’re going to wake up the next morning with a medal round your neck that says “1st Place – Brisket Division”. That would be scary and it’s not going to happen.

But, if you’re looking for a place to start on that trail to barbeque stardom then this is a pretty good roadmap. It has all the methods the big boys use to achieve great results from tough meat and low heat.

Cheryl and Bill Jamison go through some of the basic smoking fundamentals for newcomers to the art. Plus, advance techniques for those with some experience. They have also added 100 additional recipes to the latest addition.

If you’re a seasoned veteran of the smoke pit or just want to get started learning a fantastic method of outdoor cooking, then Smoke and Spice is a must for your collection.

Author: Cheryl and Bill Jamison
Publisher: Harvard Common Press
Paperback: 528 pages
ISBN-10: 1558322620
ISBN-13: 978-1558322622

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If you already own this book. Leave a comment and let everyone know what you’ve made from it and how it turned out.