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Monday Books | National Eat Outside Day


It’s tough to beat a picnic on a beautiful summer day.

A nobleman with his entourage enjoying a picnic. Illustration from a French edition of Le Livre de chasse de Gaston Phébus ("The Hunting Book of Gaston Phebus")

Al fresco dining, or as most people lovingly refer to it, the picnic. It’s a scene that has been happily played out millions of times over the centuries. And, with good reason. It’s fun!

Now, the outdoor meal has been honored with it very own day (if you can imagine). August 31st is National Eat Outside Day. And, what better way to celebrate this semi-minor holiday than with your very own picnic. After all, all we really need is an excuse, right?

So, to give the day it’s proper due, I’ve complied a list of fantastic cookbooks that will elevate your picnic. Your meal will be the talk of the ant colony. No longer with those tiny invaders thumbs their little noses at your offering. You will have a line that would turn any picnic green with envy.

Enjoy your day in the sun!

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Cookbook Daily: PICNIC: 125 Recipes with 29 Seasonal Menus


Cookbook Daily

PICNIC: 125 Recipes with 29 Seasonal Menus

Here’s the scenario. A lot of people have a picnic basket stuffed back in a closet or hidden away in the attic. You probably got it for a wedding present, shower gift or another significant giving occasion. It’s lonely up there. Can’t you hear it begging to be used?

That’s where Author DeeDee Stovel comes in. She’s going to help you out!

Even though this cookbook was released WAY back in 2001, it’s still a slam dunk for the summer season. Who doesn’t love to go on a picnic?

I, for one, am a big lover of a carryout outdoor meal. This summer will be filled with lots of picnic opportunities. I’m talking about days and evenings that make it nearly impossible for you to even consider dining indoors.

The book contains recipes for almost any picnic possibility. Sandwiches, salads, desserts, you name it. It’s divided up into seasons, so, even if you can’t get it together for this summer, there is always the fall.

Author: DeeDee Stovel
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC (March 1, 2001)
ISBN: 9781580173773

Want It? We Can Help.

PICNIC: 125 Recipes with 29 Seasonal Menus

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If you already own this book. Leave a comment and let everyone know what you’ve made from it and how it turned out.