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Leftovers Take Center Stage


Let’s breathe some new life into our second and third day traditions.


I’m sure you know the feeling. The big day (or days) are over. There’s a pile of gift wrap that has been lovingly stuffed into green plastic garbage bags ready for the curb. And, oh, the fridge is crammed full of delicious leftover holiday food.

Of course you’re going to be making turkey or ham sandwiches. A hearty leftover soup is waiting somewhere in your very near future. And, there will undoubtedly be a late night carcass picking session or two.

Odds are some of you may have gotten a shiny new, unstained cookbook for a gift. Excellent. I’m thinking that copy of Eleven Madison Park doesn’t have a great recipe using day old poultry. Looks like you may have to wait to use that new book until you have some room in the fridge for some fresh ingredients. Until then we have some ideas.

We all have our holiday leftover traditions. But, what if you’re looking to put a new spin on some day old eats? I think we can lend a hand. Here are a few books that can help you dazzle your family and impress your hungry houseguests.

If you have a great resource for leftover dishes, by all means share. We would love to retire that old turkey tetrazzini recipe.