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Great Last Minute Father’s Day Cookbooks

Beef Kabobs Grilling

Father’s Day=BBQ. That’s the formula that plays out in a lot of households around the country every June. And, to be perfectly honest, it’s a formula that works for me. If your Dad wants to grill, I say, by all means let him. If he wants throw a big old pork shoulder on the smoker, get out of his way. It’s his day and you certainly wouldn’t want to ruin his good time.

If you happen to be scrambling around right now hunting down that unforgettable Father’s Day gift you’re probably not alone. But, maybe I can be of some assistance. Here’s a list of books that any Dad would be proud to own!

Dad’s Own Cookbook
Fire It Up: 400 Recipes for Grilling Everything
Falling Off the Bone
Sam the Cooking Guy: Just Grill This!
The Good Stuff Cookbook: Burgers, fries, shakes, wedges, and more
Pig: King of the Southern Table

I don’t think that any of those books will sit on a shelf collecting dust. Now get out there and show your Dad a good time!

12 Days of Cookbooks: The Recap Part I

Well the big day is almost here. So, it’s time to give you a flashback of what we have been recommending for your holiday gift giving this year. We’ll have part two tomorrow. Today is the last day you can order any of these books for overnight delivery. Tomorrow it’s the mall!

Here are the first five:

newenglandsoup250pxJPGWell, there you have it. That’s the rundown. Just in case you missed any of the first five days. Tomorrow we’ll recap the final five for you. Now, get out there and shop!