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Cookbook Daily: Slow Cooker Revolution

Cookbook Daily

Slow Cooker Revolution

It seems like the slow cooker is going through a rebirth of popularity. I know I use mine all the time. The chefs/testers at America’s Test Kitchen (aka Cook’s Illustrated) have put together this collection of great recipes you can whip up using what used to be called a crock pot (not sure what prompted the name change).

This volume includes 200 recipes that cover pretty much anything you could or would want to make using this time honored cooking method.

Whether you’re a busy family on the run or just want to be lazy around the house, this cookbook could be just the thing to make sure you have a great meal waiting for you at the end of the day.

Author: America’s Test Kitchen
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Boston Common Press
ISBN-10: 1933615699
ISBN-13: 978-1933615691

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If you already own this book. Leave a comment and let everyone know what you’ve made from it and how it turned out.