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Money or Memories. You Choose.


A top five list can leave more questions unanswered than answered.


Money 2 by borman818Tangible value versus sentimental value. What is more valuable money or memories?

Obviously, this is one of those “if a tree falls..” questions. There’s no right or wrong answer. Your perspective dictates the response and we’ll mark all answers as correct. What’s up with the Intro to Philosophical Thought course? Glad you asked.

There’s a post on the Phoenix New Times website that lists the top five most valuable cookbooks (you’ll probably never own). Contained on it are a few you would expect. The recently released Modernist Cuisine, along with the not so recently released first editions of the Joy of Cooking and A Guide to Modern Cookery.

When you use a monetary guide, it’s easy to make a list. But, remove the money factor and try it. Look around your own cookbook collection and attempt to pick out your top five. The top five most valuable cookbooks to you personally.

There are loads of possible candidates. How about that cookbook your Grandmother cooked from religiously every Sunday. Or, how about the one your son or daughter gave you as a special birthday gift? Add to the mix your favorite go to book for memorable occasions. See how complicated it gets.

Each one holds a special and valuable place on the list. It’s almost harder to construct a top five when you can’t use dollars as a yardstick. The intangibles make it hard to determine the worth. It’s always apples and oranges (or insert your favorite idiom here).

Looking at things with an eye toward ”how much is it worth” makes it easy. But, I think what you’re really asking here is “how much does it cost”? In my view, cost and worth are two very different concepts. Kind of like bananas and sausage.

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