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Old School | Blueberry Time


This superfood deserves it’s time in the spotlight.

Fresh Michigan Blueberries

South Haven Michigan lays claim to the title of Blueberry Capitol of the U.S. And, for the past forty nine years it has hosted the National Blueberry Festival. Each year, on the second weekend of August, the blueberry is king. At least in this southwest Michigan lakeside town.

The delicious bluish/purplish sphere is celebrated in just about every manner possible. There is music, a parade, a Blueberry Queen (and King) and a special blueberry fly-in pancake breakfast held at the regional airport. It’s blueberry just about 24/7.

Great Lakes Blueberry Crates

Great Lakes Blueberries (The Michigan Blueberry Growers Association), located in Grand Junction Michigan, has been distributing blueberries as long as I can remember. They formed this growers cooperative back in 1936. Having a co-op makes getting products to market a little easier for the small farmer.

There are dozens of You-Pick/They-Pick/Already Picked blueberry farms dotting the roads in this part of the country. My wife and son have been known to stop at their favorite place, Krupka’s, buy five pounds of freshly picked blueberries and down them on the ride home. Not recommended for amateurs.

How does all of this fit into our Old School series? My latest batch of recipe card purchases yielded a gem. An old Great Lakes blueberry recipe booklet. It looks to be about 25 years old. That’s based on the wording under the Great Lakes Blueberries Are.. section. The other clue may be the address on the back page. PO Drawer B doesn’t seem like a recently assigned mailing address. No matter the age, it’s a great find and a nice little piece of Michigan blueberry history.

Great Lakes Blueberry Recipes

Great Lakes Blueberry Recipes

You can click on either of the images for a printable PDF of the booklet.

Enjoy the blueberry season!