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Short videos of some of our favorite recipes.

How To Make Black and White Bean Salad

We really loved cooking out of Evada Cooper’s new book, The RV Centennial Cookbook. We made a light and delicious Black and White Bean Salad. Awesome for your summer road trip or backyard get together. Check out this great video of how we did it! You’ll love it!



Looking for more  How to Videos?
Check out our video on how to make Red Beans and Rice from the Buster Holmes cookbook.

Grilled Cheese, Please – The Inside Story

Last month we ran a piece on Chef/Author Laura Werlin’s new book, Grilled Cheese, Please. Well, as luck would have it, we have a video of Laura talking about grilled cheese and her new book.

Take a look.

That Double Cheddar and Tomato Jam sandwich looks pretty great. You can find that on page 9 of Laura’s book.

We made the Camembert and Conte with Mushrooms sandwich. You can check that out here.