The Cookbook ManHere at Cookbook Man HQ, we’re dedicated to bringing you all things (you guessed it), cookbook related. We try to keep it light, after all it is cookbooks we’re talking about here not world domination.

We try and post information that you can use. Although sometimes a useless piece of cookbook/food/cooking related trivia can’t be ruled out.

Nobody pays us for our opinions. Although, I must admit that some days that doesn’t seem like a half bad idea. Occasionally, we’ll get some books to look at in the mail. If we think you’ll find them interesting we’ll write about them. If not…

Your comments are always welcome. But, please don’t be offended if we just keep doing things the way we like anyway.

Happy Food!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nancy Root Miller

    Love your blog. It’s a great way to figure out whether a cookbook is worth the investment.
    I recently was one of the editors on a terrific cookbook that’s just been released. Trout Caviar is published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Brett Laidlaw is part forager, part locavore, former professional bread baker, and most of all a terrific writer. Just thought you might be interested.

  2. Nicole

    I could have used this site 100 cook books ago. I love cookbooks, I read them like some people read novel. But there are some bad cookbooks out there. I will check here for each and every cook book I buy in the future. Thanks!


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