The Cookbook MANifesto | Buying, Using, Writing


When it comes to cookbooks, everyone could use a few handy tips.

The Cookbook MANifesto

During the past couple of years I have read through a small mountain of cookbooks. Some were great, the bulk were good and a few missed the mark. The range of publication quality ran the gamut from cookbooks as art to basic photocopied pages held together by a plastic comb binding. But, the thing that ties all of them together is what is contained on the inside. Specific directions on how to turn a sometimes disparate collection of common or obscure ingredients into a plate of food that will hopefully delight your palate.

The distinction between exceptional and poor is pretty obvious. The difference between great and good is far more subtle. And, it is influenced to a great extent by ones personal likes and dislikes. After all, if you don’t care for Paraguayan cuisine, even the definitive cookbook on the subject will be a difficult sell.

All this leads us to the Cookbook MANifesto. It’s hopefully, a thought provoking list of cookbook buying, using and writing suggestions. It is my personal cookbook observations distilled into one convenient place.

It’s also a living document. So, do be surprised if you find an addition from time to time. Hey, we all grow and learn. You can check it out be clicking below. Or HERE.

The Cookbook MANifesto

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