Monday Books | Happy Birthday Julia!


Some personalities are ageless.

Julia Child, 1989

It’s not everyday that the celebration of your 100th birthday rolls around. If Julia Child were still with us, she would have been 100 on Wednesday (8/15). It hardly seems possible.

Julia seemed ageless. She made her mark on the culinary world in so many ways that it’s impossible to recount. Her groundbreaking television program, The French Chef was ahead of the Food Network by 30 years! Talk about trendsetting. The woman was more than just a little ahead of her time. She was decades ahead.

One could go on and on about Julia’s contribution to her craft and passion. But honestly, you couldn’t do the subject justice. I think we’ll just let our Monday Books speak for themselves.

Happy 100 Julia!


Mastering the art of French Cooking 50th Anniversary Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 2: A Classic Continued: A New Repertory of Dishes and Techniques Carries Us into New Areas Julia's Kitchen Wisdom: Essential Techniques and Recipes from a Lifetime of Cooking The Way to Cook
In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs My Life in France Baking with Julia: Savor the Joys of Baking with America's Best Bakers The French Chef Cookbook
Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home Julia's Kitchen Wisdom: Essential Techniques and Recipes from a Lifetime of Cooking Julia's Menus for Special Occasions: Six menus for special celebrations--from a cocktail party to a buffet dinner Julia's Casual Dinners: Seven glorious menus for informal occasions

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