A One Million Dollar Recipe


Can one dish be worth a million bucks? Pillsbury thinks so.

A One Million Dollar Recipe

Pillsbury Bake Off

These days there is a cooking competition around just about every corner. I’m sure a lot are worth entering, if that’s your thing. There’s one though that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That’s the Pillsbury Bake Off. It’s like the Super Bowl of cook-offs.

This is the 45th edition of the legendary, bi-annual event. About the only thing that’s changed in all that time are the recipes themselves. I don’t think the Indonesian Chicken Turnovers with Spicy Peanut Sauce was on the menu back at the start. If they only knew what they were missing.

On March 26th, the one hundred finalists will gather in Orlando Florida to slug it out. I would imagine that could get a little intense. Martha Stewart will host this year’s contest. “The Old Redhead”, Arthur Godfrey, hosted the first bunch.

We’ve included a post on the event in this week’s stories, along with a link to the official bake off site. If you didn’t get your entry in for this year don’t sweat it. You’ve got two years to get your act together and have a crack at the $1,000,000 grand prize.

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