Can A Cookbook Warning Save People From Themselves?

Should your cookbook come with a health warning?


It’s tough to judge. We all do things that we know are bad for us, but, sometimes we do them anyway. Does someone telling us that something is bad, stop us from engaging in bad behavior?

The cookbook. In it’s most basic form is a set of instructions meant to guide you in the preparation of a particular dish. Most people who can follow a recipe know that if it calls for two cups of butter, it probably isn’t health food. Or, at least any health food I’ve heard of.

If your cookbook carried a health warning on the cover, would that make you any less inclined to grill that bacon double brie burger? Personally, I doubt it. At certain times it seems deliciousness trumps the possibility of a quadruple bypass.

That is the subject a piece posted on the website explores. The article cites The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook in particular. In my view, the question being asked is, “Would cookbook warnings save people from themselves?”.  Or maybe the more important question is, should cookbooks have a warning to begin with?

Much has been written about the obesity problem in America. And, I certainly don’t want to diminish of the importance of maintaining a health weight and lifestyle. The long and short term health benefits have been well documented. But, does a cookbook entitled, 365 Ways To Deep Fry EVERYTHING really need a pronouncement that eating fried food every day may be hazardous to your health? You tell me.

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