Can Cookbooks Really Be Hazardous To Your Health?


Just because a cookbook has recipes and images that leave you drooling, doesn’t mean it’s good for your general well being. At least that’s the message that a group of physicians are putting out.

Once again, the dieticians from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine have put together a list of the years worst cookbooks. Worst is a relative term. And, worst in this case means the dishes in the book are probably super delicious, but loaded with ingredients that the health conscience world has deemed toxic. Did someone say bacon and butter?

Anyway, I’m a pretty big believer that moderation along with a dash of common sense will temper any short term bad behavior. Back in 2010, the “committee” put out their list of the worst cookbooks of the previous decade. You can check out that honor roll here.

A healthier diet is an admirable pursuit. And, it is resolution time. A lot of people will be looking for some guidance on keeping that weight loss/cholesterol lowering/healthy lifestyle promise.That doesn’t have to mean a steady diet of boneless skinless chicken breasts. But, there is always room for a little healthful improvement in all of our diets.

Links, links, links. Yes, we have them for you. Let’s get down to what you may have missed from around the web this past week. Start clicking…

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