Last Call

All good things must come to an end, sweet corn included.

Farmers Market Sweet Corn

It has been a summer filled with some of the sweetest sweet corn I can remember. I probably say that every year. But, this year seems exceptional. Lots and lots of super sweet corn was served up at our table this summer. For one of our summer friends, three or four ears at a sitting is more the rule than the exception.

But alas, the sweet corn season is nearing its conclusion. If you’re looking for those last tasty ears you had better get hopping. Farmers markets and local farm stands are just about sold out.

Farmers Market Sweet Corn

I have heard that people are eating Midwest sweet corn raw this summer! If you’re lucky enough to grab a few of the last ears standing, you may want to eat those sweet kernels straight off the cob.

In case you’re in the mood to try something a little more involved than boiling or roasting, here are a few corn themed cookbooks for some inspiration.

Corn Call

You can click on any of the titles above to purchase the book.

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