Have We Got a Calendar For You!

Who has time to keep up with all of the new cookbook releases? We do!

Cookbook Man's Cookbook Calendar

Let’s face the hard reality. Keeping up life’s schedule can be a tall order. Business meetings, kids activities and your own personal to do list. It’s hard enough to manage all of the important things, let alone the frivolous. We’re here to help you with the latter, so, you can concentrate on the former.

As a service to you, the cookbook fanatic, we are introducing a brand new site resource. A calendar of upcoming cookbook releases. You don’t have to hunt them down yourself, we did all of the hunting for you and put the results in one easy to get to place.

Updated regularly, our calendar is a quick way to see if there is anything new on the horizon that will get your mouth watering. We’ve even included a handy button for you to pre-order a copy of any book on our list. So, on release day, your shiny, new copy will be delivered right to your front door. Isn’t that handy?

How can you check out this great new feature? You can click this link:

The Cookbook Man’s Cookbook Calendar


You can click the Cookbook Calendar link located in the navigation bar of all the pages on the site. It couldn’t possibly be any easier.

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