Farmers Market Fresh

By mid January you will really appreciate the end of August.

Fresh Berries

If you live in the Midwest or the northeastern part of the U.S. this is peak season. Farmers markets are just bursting with some of the most amazing, fresh and delicious produce you can possibly imagine.

In fact, there is so much great stuff, I couldn’t help sharing a little with you.

Fresh Wax Beans.

Fresh Wax Beans

You can’t have a summer farmers market without sweet corn. This is so sweet, it’s hard to not eat three ears at one sitting. One sack wouldn’t last a week in our house!

Sweet Corn

Summer tomatoes. Juicy, ripe and super fresh.

Fresh Tomatoes

And last (for this market tour), carrots that are too amazing to resist.

Fresh Carrots

A full two thirds of the stuff we buy at our local farmers market never even makes it into a recipe. At this time of year we’re eating it straight off the counter.

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