Great Grilling: Cookbooks To Tame The Flame

Great Grilling! Beef Kabobs

Summer is here by most measures. That means it’s time to dig out or uncover the Cookbook Man’s favorite cooking apparatus. The barbeque grill!

Don’t you just love going for a summer stroll and smelling the deep, rich aroma of a BBQ cooking away in some mysterious place in your neighborhood? That smell is hard to resist. Even if you’ve just eaten, that olfactory alert makes your mouth water (at least mine does).

Lucky for us there are lots of great books packed with awesome recipes to assist us on our outdoor cooking exploits. These roadmaps span the range of grilling expertise. There are some people who just want to flip a few burgers and enjoy a cold beer. That’s certainly one definition of grilling. Others aren’t happy until they have perfected a whole grilled red snapper stuffed with fresh seasonal herbs. Like I said, something for everyone.

Those who will act as our guides on this summer grilling adventure have long mastered the art. Bobby Flay, Steve Raichlen and Jamie Purviance share with us what they have learned from years of taming the flame. Try and pay attention.

So, light the Kingsford or uncork the propane, grilling season is upon us!

Enjoy a few of my favorites!

How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques
Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way
Weber’s Time to Grill: Get In. Get Out. Get Grilling
Bobby Flay’s Grill It
The Cook’s Illustrated Guide To Grilling And Barbecue

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