App Update: iGrill

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Back last February we did a piece on the new iGrill thermometer/app.

The iGrill is a slick little smartphone application that lets you monitor the cooking temperature of whatever you happen to have on your BBQ or smoker. Since our original post, the app has had a major overhaul. And, I’m here to report that the changes that have been made make for a much improved user experience.

In addition to the refinements to the smartphone app, there is now a new iPad application for the iGrill. This version still has the old school meat thermometer interface that has apparently been removed from the new phone update (if it hasn’t been removed, I can’t figure out how to get to it).

The iGrill iPad App

The biggest problem I had when first testing the iGrill was its ability to stay connected to the base unit. The latest update seems to have remedied that issue. The connectivity problems have disappeared.

The user interface has been redesigned. It’s still pretty straightforward, time and temp, very readable and simple. I have to admit that I do miss the option of having the meat thermometer (pictured above) as a choice on the phone. That was pretty awesome (maybe it will return in a future update).

I decided to use the smoker this time for my evaluation. And, for consistency, I cooked chicken once again. I also thought the 4 hour smoking time would be a fair test of the Bluetooth handshake problems that I had encountered previously.

Chickens in. Connection seamless. So far, so good.

I wanted to make sure that my chickens smoked to 180 degrees. But, I didn’t want them to get there too fast. I checked in regularly with the iGrill and made the necessary temperature adjustments to the smoker. The app performed fantastic. No problems at all. Connected flawlessly each and every time I fired up the phone.

The connection distance seems to have been increased a little too. Granted, I couldn’t check from my beach chair, but, I could monitor in between bean bag tosses.

This is a very successful update for the iGrill. The app was great before. But, now with all of the issues I had experienced during my first use addressed, it’s going to be a regular part of my BBQ/smoker tool arsenal. iDevices should take a bow for making something already good, that much better!

Oh, and the chickens ended up being some of the best to come out of my smoker! My Guinea pigs were most happy!

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