Onions Make Life Sweeter

Is it possible for an onion to be more than just delicious?

Florida Sweet Onions

Behold the humble onion. Over the years a lot has been written and said about this sometimes sweet, sometimes pungent veggie. They are thought to possess powers over and above being a delicious addition to any dish.

How about as a cure for the flu? That’s right. Back in the early 1900’s, during the big flu epidemic, it was thought that leaving a cut onion on a dish, in a room would absorb the flu bacteria thus leaving the room germ free. What?? As crazy as that sounds lots of people bought into the notion that the onion was a germ sponge.

Could you just imagine going to see your doctor, paying the $25 co-pay then having him or her hand you an onion and send you out the door. I wonder if Medicare would cover that?

These Florida Sweet Onions may not turn your house into a sterile environment, but, they will make a tasty addition to lots of great recipes.

Looking for something to do with your purchase of fresh onions? Here’s a are a few cookbooks with some ideas for you.

The Onion Book
Onions, Onions, Onions: Delicious Recipes for the World’s Favorite Secret Ingredient
The Onion Harvest Cookbook

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