National Cherry Month, But, Where Are The Cherries?

Honestly, this post was supposed to turn out differently. National Cherry Month, easy, quick post. Great, enticing cherry photo. So what happened? NO CHERRIES!

That’s right. February, designated as national cherry month by who knows what group, person or organization has one major flaw in it. There aren’t exactly tons of cherries grown and available here domestically in the middle of winter.

Why didn’t the powers that be give the noble and deserving cherry a month it could be proud of, say like July? An actual time of year when lots and lots of cherries are grown, harvested and eaten. The National Cherry Festival is held each year in July. I mean, this is easy, right?

So, instead of a great, mouthwatering image of a huge bowl of ripe cherries, you’re stuck with this. Sorry, not my fault.

Without further adieu (or ranting), here’s a list of some cookbooks that feature a bunch of things you can do with cherries (if you’re lucky enough to find some). You may want to bookmark this post and check it out again this summer when you actually have some cherries to work with (oh, was that ranting again or just sarcasm, sorry)..

Very Cherry Cookbook


Published back in 2006, Michigan author, Judith Bosley has assembled a nice collection of 60 cherry based recipes. She’s from Michigan and they know their cherries in that state. In fact, the National Cherry Festival is held each year in Traverse City Michigan. Check out Judith’s recipe for Frozen Cherry Salad. That one sure sounds different.

The 50 Best Cherry Recipes


When there’s a cookbook out there that’s titled, The 50 Best Cherry Recipes, it’s kind of hard not to include that. That title in itself is a big, bold statement. I’m not trying to call out author, Barbara Morgenroth. But, that’s a title is just asking to be challenged. This book is only eighty pages long, so, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if you think it’s contents lives up to it’s name.

Life’s Little Cherry Cookbook: 101 Cherry Recipes


The third and final entrant in our cherry cookbook roundup is entitled Life’s Little Cherry Cookbook: 101 Cherry Recipes. Over twice as many tempting cherry recipes as the “50 best” book. Are there really that many more things you can do with cherries?

Frankly, I was a little surprised at how few cookbooks there were on this single subject. I had thought, there would be a lot more our there than there is. It’s not like we’re talking about some exotic, impossible to obtain food here. It is cherries after all.

I wonder how many books are dedicated solely to the majestic crown pork roast. You’ll have to wait until March 7th to find out.

You can click on any of the book covers for additional information or to purchase that book.

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