It’s President’s Day, Eat Like The Commander in Chief

I realize that for most of us dining in the style and elegance afforded the nations Chief Executive isn’t something that is within out grasp. But, all is not lost. Now you can enjoy the next best thing (kind of).

Here’s a collection of cookbooks that will help you chow down like the leader of the free world.

Presidential Cookies: Cookie Recipes of the Presidents of the United States

Do you have a Presidential sized sweet tooth? Here’s a collection of some of the best cookie recipes from the White House. This guide to cookie baking goes all the way back to George and Martha! I wonder what flavor the Father of Our Country liked for milk dunking? I also wonder if that’s even an appropriate to ask question!

First Ladies Cookbook: Favorite Recipes of all the Presidents of the United States

I didn’t think First Ladies had to cook. It must be recipes before they were spoiled by the White House dining staff. I’m trying to envision Abigail Powers Fillmore scurrying around the kitchen whipping up a nice Prune Pie. When she was First Lady, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was pretty much of a mess. I think “disrepair” might be the right word. I’m guessing no robot coupe or immersion blender to work with back then.

The White House Family Cookbook

Henry Haller, the former Executive Chef at the White House gives us a nice assortment of recipes that our first families have enjoyed. He was the kitchens main man for five Presidents. That’s an amazing run considering the shelf life of most Washington insiders. Yeah, I think he qualifies as an insider. He’s cooking food for the President for crying out loud.

The White House Cook Book (1887 Edition)

And finally, this classic collection of White House cuisine. The Original White House Cookbook. Originally published way back in 1887, this book was the how to manual for anyone who aspired to cook for or host dignitaries of all stripes. Party planning, recipes and detailed prep instructions make this a must have if you are even thinking about being D.C.’s top chef.

There’s some very presidential cooking resources here. Why not try your hand at whipping up a feast even our Commander in Chief would be proud to enjoy.

You can click on any of the book covers for additional information or to purchase that book.

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