The 12 Days of Cookbooks: The Fannie Farmer Cookbook: Anniversary Edition

Day 4…

When they say Anniversary Edition, they really mean it. Let’s talk, 100th Anniversary Edition!

This is THE classic American cookbook. This book is a MUST for every, and I mean every basic home cookbook library. If you don’t have a copy of your very own, then this holiday season is the perfect time to correct this horrific oversight. Let Santa (or an elf) know that you’ve been pretty good and have a giant gaping hole in your cooking reference section.

OK, what can you really say about this book that hasn’t been said at least a thousand times over the past hundred years? It was originally published back in 1896 as the Boston Cooking-School Cookbook. At the time Little, Brown & Company had so little confidence in the success of the book that they only ordered 3,000 copies printed. WOW, were they wrong. Over 100 years later the Fannie Farmer Cookbook is still going strong.

It doesn’t matter if your an experienced chef or a beginning home cook, this book has something for you. It runs the gamut from appetizers through candies and just about everything in between.

This 13th edition even has a section on microwave cooking. I wonder what Fannie would think about that? Boy, how things sure change in 100 years or so. I wonder what the 200th anniversary edition will contain.

Author: Marion Cunningham
Publisher: Knopf
Pages: 896
Revised Edition Released: September 6, 1996 (13th Edition)

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