12 Days of Cookbooks: The Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook

Day 9…

I’ve got one or two in my kitchen, you probably do too. My first one I got as a birthday gift a bunch of years ago. Since then I’ve picked up a dutch oven and a couple of smaller pans. And, I love using all of them.

What? The humble cast iron skillet of course. It’s one of the oldest (regularly used) pieces of cooking equipment that I own. Now, I’m not saying I break mine out everyday or even every week. But, there are certain dishes that I don’t think I could make without it.

We have all seared steaks and made fried chicken or a fantastic dark roux, but, how about Pecan Sticky Buns? Thought so. That’s where The Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook comes in.

This book probably isn’t going to replace any of the tried and true cookbooks in your collection. But, it does have some interesting ways to use that heavy piece of iron. How about attempting the Dungeness and Tillamook Cheddar Souffle? A little less daring? Then maybe you could whip up a Classic Grilled Reuben.

In addition to a bunch of new recipes, Sharon Kramis and Julie Kramis-Hearne have some helpful tips on how to keep your iron in tip top shape.

Did you buy someone a cast iron skillet a while back and notice that’s it’s been collecting dust ever since? This might be the perfect thing to help get that pan out of the back of the cabinet and onto the top of the stove.

Author: Sharon Kramis and Julie Kramis-Hearne
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Pages: 192
Re-Released: October 4, 2004

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